June is when the Sugar Valley Rally hits the road in celebration, driving in their classic, historic cars from yesteryear. Check out the cars that came through Cheyenne.

The Sugar Valley Rally began in 1989 and has become the second largest rally of its kind, in the United States. These roadsters come from the Scottsbluff/Gering Nebraska area and they know how to have fun.

But it's not just all about the fun either. These guys and gals are friendly and competitive. The Sugar Valley Rally is 400 miles of drive along the North Platte Valley, in western Nebraska. The event is timed and there is money involved. Therefore, their 50 year and older machines must be in tip top shape for the annual event.

We had the opportunity of seeing some of these wonderful cars at Floyd's Truck Sales, in Cheyenne on Saturday. Take a look at the video and check out the hottest car show of the weekend. If you're a car lover, you're sure to enjoy this.


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