Brandy Cress

Debra McEachron
Full-Time Mom/Front Desk

This woman is my hero in my eyes. She is a full time mom to three kids ages 6, 4, & 2. She has been a single mom until recently-- she got married to her now husband of two months. Her middle son, Joshu,a is autistic and non-verbal.

She puts on a smile and never let's anything discourage her.

She fights battles everyday of melt downs of him not wanting to eat, he doesn't dress himself or isn't potty trained yet. She does everything for her family with a smile and never backs down.

She also has a full time job at a local hotel here in Cheyenne and they all love her to death there. She is a strong woman and if half of America was like her, this would be a better nation.

Nominated by Brandy Cress