Wyoming is known for having many UFO sightings per year. Already in 2021, there have been a few sightings here in Casper and at least one in the Cheyenne area.

While doing my weekly YouTube searching, I came across a short video from 2018 titled simply: "UFO in Wyoming". After watching the 19-second video, which shows a flying saucer in broad daylight, I realized I had been swindled.

The video was created by YouTube channel, Shane Worth. At first glance, I thought maybe Mr. Worth was just poking fun at the Cowboy State, but after watching some of his other video shorts, it appears he's just an amateur special effects video editor.

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An edition to UFO video, his channel also features a lightsaber video (with his dog), the original green screen video he used to make Wyoming video and one of a Borg spacecraft floating over his home.

I'm still not sure why he used a Wyoming backdrop for his UFO video, but for a do it yourself special effects short, it wasn't bad. It's unfortunate, but I've actually seen worse versions passed off as authentic of both UFOs and Bigfoot.

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