Have you tried the Hokulia Shaved Ices yet?

The Utah-based chain of shaved ice vendors has relocated one their Cheyenne stands to Dell Range in the Bicycle Station's parking lot and opened another in the Indian Hills Shopping Center on Carlson.

Last summer, the Hokulia Shaved Ice shack set up in Cheyenne and was located on Pershing Blvd. in front of Gold's Gym but they have now moved next to the Bicycle Station at 2634 Dell Range Blvd and have opened a new location in the Indian Hills Shopping Center at 625 E. Carlson.

The owners of the very first Hokulia Shaved Ice shack, Clint and Stefani Severson, were cooling off with an awesome shaved ice on the big island of Kona when they decided to bring the Hawaiian treat to the mainland. After setting up their first stand in Utah, they began to franchise the operation.

The Hokulia Shaved Ice shacks offer a wide variety of tropical flavors including Bahama Mama, Mango, Hawaiian Punch and even Pink Bubblegum. You can also pick your core ice cream flavor and add your own special toppings. What's your favorite flavor?

If you need an escape from the heat this summer, take a break to the palm trees of Hokulia and let them transport you to your own island paradise.