The speed limit on U.S. Highway 30 in Cheyenne returns to 55 mph today on a stretch of road between  Pershing Boulevard east to Dell Range Boulevard, according to a WYDOT news release.

The speed limit had been reduced to 45 mph during a construction project.

But even though the speed limit is being returned to the higher level, WYDOT officials say they will be keeping an eye on the area for possible future changes.

“Our goal is for the public to travel U.S. 30 safely and efficiently,” said District Engineer Tom DeHoff. “We understand the concerns residents have expressed to us over the last year, and we hear them. At the same time, our solutions need to be data-driven so as not to end up creating hazards on U.S. 30.”

Over the last few months, WYDOT has built new offset right turn lanes at U.S. 30 and Whitney Road, added stop bars at intersections along U.S. 30, and erected larger stop signs. The stop signs at Whitney and U.S. 30 have flashing beacons, and intersection warning signs with flashing beacons have also been added to that intersection.

The department plans to install overhead flashing lights at U.S. 30’s intersections with Whitney Road and Dell Range Boulevard. That project will go to contract soon and is estimated to be complete by the end of the year.

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