While the strong winds that have been buffeting southeast Wyoming in recent days tapered off a bit on Tuesday afternoon, the Cheyenne Office of the National Weather Service is warning about a return to windy conditions on Wednesday and Thursday.

The agency posted this statement on its website early on Wednesday morning:

''High Wind Warnings have been issued for I-80 around Arlington (mile markers 252 to 280) and I-25 near Bordeaux (mile markers 48-71) through 5AM Thursday. Winds will be on the increase early this morning and are expected to reach warning levels around sunrise today. Light-weight and High Profile vehicles will experience an increased blowoff/blow over risk in these areas over the next 24 hours. Please follow WYDOT's Road Condition Report at wyoroad.info/pls/Browse/WRR.STATIC5?SelectedDistrict=1 to stay up to date on road closures."

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