Published by permission of the author.

By Micah Halpern

Word is spreading through the Arabic press that if Lebanon turns toward Hezbollah, the United States will pull all their support. They are saying this because this was the threat that Congress made last year and then proceeded to hold up $100 million in aid - until.

Until the US State Department argued that Lebanon needed the aid to confront Hezbollah, but the State Department was wrong and the entire plan was proved to be a failure.

Now that Druze leader Walid Jumblat has thrown his support behind Hezbollah it is almost inevitable that Lebanon will become the second Shiite country in the world.

There is also the possibility that Jumblat is laying a trap for Hezbollah. There is a possibility that he will pull his support and then side with the Sunnis and Christians of Lebanon creating a government that would clip Hezbollah's wings, or at least, limit their power.

The Arabic press is trying to influence Lebanon by holding US aid over them, hoping that the Lebanese will side against Hezbollah.

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