Micah Halpern Has Been Thinking Hard This Week
The New Egypt
By Micah Halpern
Friday May 6, 2011
Yesterday an Egyptian court sentenced al Adli, former Egyptian Minister of the Interior, to twelve years in prison.
He was found guilty on several corruption charges.
Adi was one of the most feared and despised people under Mubarak...
Border Patrol report shocks many Americans
By Jim Kouri
(Jim is a frequent guest on The Morning Zone, every other Tuesday at 7:07A.M.  MDT)
For the third time in only a few months, a federal report on Friday exposed how the U.S. government prioritizes environmental preservation over national security by keeping Border Patrol agents out …
Hezbollah May Lead Lebanon
Published by permission of the author.
By Micah Halpern
Word is spreading through the Arabic press that if Lebanon turns toward Hezbollah, the United States will pull all their support. They are saying this because this was the threat that Congress made last year and then proceeded to hold up $100 mil…

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