We are heading into the good old cold and flu season this month. Now experts are saying that our flu shots may not get the job done, so what do we do?  Today on the Top 5 at 7:45, I'll highlight a few preventive ideas that can help mom's a dad's educate their children on how to help slow down the spread of the flu.

  1. Wash Those Filthy Hands - I am constantly trying to get my daughter to wash her hands. Little hands are notorious for spreading germs from the classroom to the playground and right into your home. Hand washing is the most effective way to prevent the spread of common colds and disease that children pick up along the way.
  2. Wash Those Hands Properly - I think it goes without saying that warm water, soap and repetitive motion will get the job done. Antibacterial soaps are discouraged by the experts as they let down the resistance to germ fighting bacteria and they are not any more effective at killing germs than regular soap.
  3. Proper Sneezing And Coughing Techniques - Teach your kiddos to sneeze in a tissue on into the inside of their elbow. Sneezing into the hands spreads germs and illnesses more quickly.
  4. Avoid Touching The Eyes - Cold viruses can quickly make their way into the body via the eyes and mouth. Teach your children to not touch their eyes or mouth after touching doorknobs and the like.
  5. Sharing Cups & Spoons Is Out - No more sharing milk and kool-aid drinks with classmates. Bacteria and viruses are easily transferred through saliva, so licking toys and sharing cups is out.

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