The daily, or weekly newspaper hit the front steps every morning, all across Wyoming, but which paper covered local news before the current publications came along? Many have come and gone over the years.

According to a paper called The Daily Argus covered Cheyenne for just one year. 1968 to 1969. At least that is all they have archived.

In Casper, The Daily Press has papers archived from 1914 through 1918.

Over in Laramie a paper called Lamarie Call has just a few editions archived from 1940

The Wyoming Daily Morning News appears to have lasted just four mornings, back in 1871. At least that is all that is on file for them. If someone has other print copies available, we would love to see them.

Those are just a few of the newspapers from days gone by listed for Wyoming. The Wyoming Newspapers website has over 340 titles listed and you can search them, and read what has been archived, by date and location across the state. It's a fun way to read the news that happened before any of us happened along.

Many historic old places in Wyoming, like restaurants and Inns, have old Wyoming newspapers lying around.


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