Republican gubernatorial candidate Harriet Hageman says rival Taylor Haynes needs to quit blaming other people for questions about whether he is eligible to serve as governor of Wyoming based on where he has lived over the last five years.

Haynes, in a Friday morning interview on KGAB radio in Cheyenne, said he has been a Wyoming resident for many years and said the residency question is an attempt to confuse voters. He said the allegations are false, adding he would ''have to point the finger at Harriet Hageman" as the source of the allegedly false allegations.

He also brought up Secretary of State Ed Buchanan's former role as chair of the Hageman campaign prior to his appointment as Secretary of State earlier this year.

But Hageman, also speaking on KGAB on Friday, stoutly denied that either her campaign or Buchanan had anything to do with the allegations.

Buchanan did ask a Laramie County District Court Judge to rule on Haynes' eligibility to serve as governor, but the judge declined to rule Haynes ineligible prior to the August 21 primary election.

In regard to whether she was behind the residency question, Hageman said ''I had nothing to do with the situation Dr. Haynes finds himself in. The only person responsible for the current situation is Dr. Haynes, OK? It isn't any third party, it's nobody else."

Hageman also said Haynes ''could have allowed that situation to be cleared up very quickly had he allowed the court to proceed with that action, but he didn't."

Haynes had declined to agree to ask Judge Thomas Campbell to expedite a decision on his residency after the Secretary of State had made such a request.

Haynes and Hageman are among a half-dozen candidates vying for their party's gubernatorial nomination in Tuesday's primary election.

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