A bill that would have repealed most gun-free zones in Wyoming failed an introductory vote on Wednesday morning in the Wyoming Legislature.

Senate File 88 actually received 16 votes in favor of introduction and 13 votes against and one absent. But it fell short fo the 2/3 majority needed to introduce non-budget bills in a budget session.

The bill would have repealed most gun-free zones in Wyoming, although it would not have applied to courtrooms or private property. It would have applied to schools, governmental meetings, and college campuses.

Bill sponsor Sen. Anthony Bouchard, arguing for introduction, compared current gun laws to a law that would allow people to own cars, but not let them leave the garage.

When it came time to vote, Republican senators Anderson, Baldwin, Coe, Kost, Landen, Pappas, Scott, Von Flatern, Wasserberger, and Perkins joined Democratic Senators Anselmi-Dalton, Gierau and Rothfuss to vote down introduction of the bill. A total of 16 senators, all Republicans, voted for the bill.

Republican Senator Wyatt Agar was absent for the vote

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