A group called 13 flags is collecting donations of every U.S. state flag to donate to the families of each of the 13 soldiers who were killed in the recent terrorist attack at the Kabul airport in Afghanistan.

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One of the 13 was Wyoming marine Rylee McCollum.

The Wyoming coordinator is Stephen Brinkley of Cheyenne. He says in addition to collecting the flags, at 2 p.m. on Saturday first responders, veterans, active-duty military members and police officers will be getting together to sign the flags before they are donated.

Donations of both state flags and cash are being accepted.

If you would like donate or would like to help out, you can reach Stephen Brinkley at 307-630-4695 or by email at Stephen.brinkley9094@gmail.com.

Brinkley will be a guest on the ''Weekend in Wyoming" program this Saturday [Sept. 4] at 12:05 p.m. on AM 650, KGAB.

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