The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce has endorsed candidates for city, county and state offices in 2018 as being "pro-business."

According to a news release from the chamber,  the candidates were surveyed on various issues important to the business community, with the answers used to determine which candidates were deemed ''pro-business."

Participation in the survey was optional, and those who did take part had to agree with the chamber on at least 90 percent of the questions asked to be rated as ''pro-business."

Here is the list of candidates for various offices who were endorsed as "pro-business" based on the survey:

City of Cheyenne City Council

Ward I: Stefanie Boster & Scott D. Roybal
Ward II: Mark Rinne
Ward III: Georgia Broyles, Ken Esquibel, Jackson Quick, & Joe Shogrin

Laramie County Commissioner

Lee Filer
Linda Heath
Gunnar Malm
Troy Thompson
Boyd Wiggam

State of Wyoming's House of Representatives

House District #7
John Lyttle
Sue Wilson
House District #8
Bob Nicholas
House District #9
Landon Brown
House District #10
John Eklund
Jenefer Pasqua
House District #11
Jared Olsen
Calob Taylor
House District #12
Ryan Lindsey
House District #41
Sean Castaneda
Bill Henderson
House District #42
Juliet Daniels
House District #44
Paul E. Johnson

State of Wyoming Senate

State Senator District #5:
Fred Emerich
Ryan Wright

State Senator District #7:
Steven Pappas

State of Wyoming

Wyoming State Auditor
Kristi Racines
Jeff Dockter

Wyoming Secretary of State
Ed Buchanan
Jim Byrd

Wyoming State Treasurer
Leland Christensen
Curt Meier

Wyoming Governor
Bill Dahlin
Foster Friess
Sam Galeotos
Mark Gordon
Harriet Hageman
Mary Throne

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