UPDATE: I-25 between Cheyenne and the Colorado State Line has now reopened, according to the WYDOT road and travel website. However it remains closed to light, high-profile vehicles due to strong winds.
The Wyoming Highway Patrol says a large grassfire which forced the closure of I-25 has now been controlled:
""The original call came in as a grass fire in the median near mile marker 352 on I-80. The fire had extended to near mile marker 358. and WY225 (Otto Rd.) Currently crews are working on hot spots. It appears the fire is under control at this time. There are strong winds in the area, which can cause the situation to rapidly change. The Wyoming Highway Patrol wants to remind everyone to always prepare for changing road conditions and alternate routes."

Original Post:

Information from the Wyoming Highway Patrol

There is a large grass fire west of Cheyenne. The fire is not under control at this time. First responders are working quickly to get the fire under control. However, prepare for multiple closures surrounding Cheyenne as the situation progresses. Plan on alternate routes.


We'll report further details as they become available.

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