Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon put out a press release detailing his plan to assist the state following the impact of COVID-19 using a variety of resources.

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Gordon said:

"We have the opportunity to use these funds to help shape the Wyoming of the future and make our state an even more desirable place to live, work and visit. We have identified some critical areas where we should focus our efforts, and which will maximize the opportunity that we have before us. Since it is our great-grandchildren who will be paying for this government funding, it is that generation that deserves to benefit from it."

Governor Gordon asked a team to help develop the strategy, which includes several phases for the state to: survive, drive, and thrive.

In the survive phase, several areas will be addressed with the remaining CARES Act dollars or other available federal funds, from increased employment in the oil and gas industry to more mental health and substance abuse services.

This phase includes several areas where funding will be provided from both the CARES act and ARPA funding, which has over $500 million allocated for a variety of programs so far, and several others that are to be decided on funding.

For the drive phase, there were outlined several goals the governor hopes to reach, from completing infrastructure projects to enhancing wildlife populations, with recommendations possibly being given to Gordon by the fall.

When the drive phase is concluded, whether or not those goals will be eligible for ARPA funds will be determined, based on requirements like if it provides premium pay for essential workers, invests in infrastructure, replaces lost public sector revenue, or supports public health expenditures.

The thrive phase of the plan doesn't have enough concrete ideas for the governor's office to release any details, other than that it is for "big ideas and future benefits".

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