Chris Leathers is the Choir teacher in Wheatland, WY for both the high school and middle schools. Unfortunately, Leathers must undergo surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in his head. The auditory nerve in his head will be severed as a result, forcing him to lose his hearing. Now his students are attempting to raise money to help their choir teacher receive a cochlear implant since his insurance won't cover it.

One of Leathers' choir students, Ashlynn Huffer, has helped to set up a GoFundMe page for their teacher as she, along with other students are attempting to go above and beyond to help their teacher. Given that hearing is certainly an essential part of being a choir teacher, the students are doing everything they can to help Leathers receive a cochlear implant.

The GoFundMe page that has been set up will raise funds that will cover the cost of the implant, along with the surgery to install the device. The GoFundMe posts reads:

Hi, my name is Ashlynn Huffer, and over the past 5 years this man has made the greatest impact on a student he could. He has had cancer 2 times in the the past few years and has now found out there is a tumor in his head that when taken out will completely sever his auditory nerve. He has been a father figure to all of the students he’s gotten to teach and he’s the kind of guy that will never give up on you even if it seems impossible. As a choir teacher it’s pretty important to have his hearing. So as a student, friend, and someone that thinks he’s a hero. I’m trying to raise 50,000 dollars (that insurance will NOT cover) for a cochlear implant so that he can keep inspiring students for years to come. He’s one of the most important people in my life and after everything he gives to our community I want to give something back. Anything helps.

Huffer also posted on social media to get the word out about her choir teacher.

As mentioned in her post, the goal for helping Chris Leathers to receive the cochlear implant is $50,000. To donate, please go visit the page: 'Help buy cochlear implants for our choir teacher.'

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