[/caption]Take a hike! No doubt you have heard this phrase within your lifetime. It actually means to leave or get lost, but I'm not telling you to do that at all! I'm actually encouraging you to get lost in the wilds of Wyoming through hiking

Last year my wife, daughter and I took a trip west on I-80 to Vedauwoo for a little family outing (the name Vedauwoo is a Native American term meaning "Land of the Earth-born Spirits" and when you arrive, you'll understand why).

Upon entering the park, we passed campers, trees and rocks as we made our way to our parking destination. We knew we were in for a good day of hiking, bird watching and anything else that might come our way.

We decided to take a hike on Turtle Rock Trail. The trail is great for beginners, as it's essentially just a large 3.2-mile circle. We walked up and down the trail past trees, beneath aspens and marshy wetlands to the south. There were scattered pine trees and cracked rock, too.

I happened to view some birds as I went. A woodpecker greeted us at the first part of the trail. Mountain Chickadee and some other feathered friends as hawks flew high in the sky. Every now and then a chipmunk would whiz by us and hide beneath a nearby rock.

The family time was great and the experience of hiking the trail was a light physical challenge, which we all needed. Some of the most beautiful, natural sculptures can be seen in Vedauwoo. The huge Sherman granite rocks will wow you with their pink feldspar, black specs and white quartz as well as the men and women who climb them.

So this spring and summer, go take a hike. It's a great way to bond with nature, your family and yourself. What's your favorite hiking destination in the area? Maybe I'll take your suggestion and head there next!