Are you considering camping in Wyoming this summer?

Even if it's your first time or if you're on a budget, you could still head to the high country around Wyoming for under $300.

One of our favorite reasons for living in Wyoming is access to the wilderness. There are lots of places to get away from it all around the state. If you have never tried camping or if it has been a while since you ventured out, it's possible to get started for less than $300. Here are some of the basic camping supplies you will need and some of the lowest prices found for the items. (Walmart, as usual, had the overall best prices and had most things you would need in stock. You can always find higher quality gear at camping specialty stores)

  • Camping Fees: Resident Overnight Camping-$10, Non-Resident-$17
  • Tent-Ozark 7 x 7 (Sleeps 3) Rollback priced at $24.95
  • Sleeping Bag-$25 to$30
  • Cooler-$40 to $50 (Small ones or styrofoam are even cheaper)
  • Chairs-$10 or less
  • Air Mattress-$15 or cheaper
  • Lantern/Flashlight-$20
  • Clothing; boots, hat, gloves, warm layers-$50-$100
  • Food; daily menus, water, snacks-$50 or more
  • Essentials; matches, first aid kit, can opener, knife-$20
  • Don't forget the T.P.!! $10

These are just the basics you would need for an overnight trip. Once you give it a try and see all that Wyoming's nature has to offer; fresh air, wildlife and breathtaking scenery, I think you will be hooked.