The Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming have announced that their Cookie Program will continue starting Friday (May 15th). That also means that in case you haven't received your cookie order, you certainly will soon!

According to a recent press release, the program has been extended through June 30th. It was suspended on March 20th due to Covid-19. The Cookie Program typically runs from February through April.

GSMW Product Manager, Ashley Picard, thanked the public for their patience, as well as their support in a recent statement:

GSMW submitted its cookie order in mid-February and our troops have a large quantity of cookies with girls who are anxious to sell cookies and reach their goals all while following social distancing requirements.

Picard also mentioned new innovative ways the troops may be distributing the cookies, including cookie drive-thrus and community walkabouts.

The price remains the same for all boxes of cookies sold by the Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming at $4 per box, with the only exception being Girl Scout S'mores and gluten-free Toffee-tastics, which are selling at $5 per box.

For more info on the Girl Scout Cookie Program or to join Girl Scouts, you can visit their website at or call 800-736-5243.

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