This Friday, February 7th, Girl Scouts in Wyoming and Montana will begin taking pre-orders for your favorite Girl Scout cookies.

In case you're already missing the fact you were able to overindulge on pizza, wings, chips, and all the other party foods during the Super Bowl, you're in luck, because soon you'll get to feast on your favorite Girl Scout cookies.

The variety of Girl Scout cookies include Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs (my favorite), Do-si-dos, Trefoils, Girl Scout S’mores and the gluten-free variety, Toffee-tastics. There's also a new cookie known as 'Lemon-Ups'. The new crispy cookie has a lemon flavor and is baked with messages that have been inspired by Girl Scout Entrepreneurs.

The pre-orders for the cookies will be taken by Girl Scouts from February 7th through February 23rd. The cookies will be delivered in late March. Online orders for Girl Scout cookies can be placed from February 7th through April 19th. Booth sales are available from March 27th through April 19th during which, you can use the booth-locator at

Boxes of Girl Scout cookies in Wyoming and Montana can be purchased for $4 per box aside from the specialty varieties (Girl Scout S’mores and gluten free Toffee-tastics) which will sell for $5 per box.

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