May 11 is Mother's Day--and it's right around the corner. Have you started thinking about what to get your super mom?

What exactly is a "super mom?" As I see it, a super mom is someone who wakes up early in the morning and has a busy, daily routine. She gets her kids' lunch together and gets them ready for school every day. After school, she is the taxi that takes brother to a baseball game and sister to gymnastics. She's a cook, a cleaner, a nurse, an angel, and a shoulder to cry on. She's all encompassing.

Does this sound familiar already?

As we grow older, super mom may be the one who listens when you have a problem and offers suggestions to help guide us in the right direction. She helps with the wedding planning and is always your champion when you need it. Super mom's are someone we cherish, but sometimes we wonder what to get her to show her that we are thankful to have a mom like her.

Here are some gift ideas that might help you get ready for that special day in Cheyenne.

  • A Nagle Warren Mansion Bed & Breakfast Coupon: You can have super mom treated like royalty here as the good folks at the mansion wait on her hand and foot. Mom will enjoy two slothful days and two indolent nights at the Nagle Warren Mansion. She'll feel like royalty the minute she opens the door. Call for reservations: 307.637.3333
  • A Day Spa: Your super mom can indulge herself with a nice day spa, courtesy of you. There are many different packages that you can buy for mom which include: facials, body treatments and wraps, hair wash, and body waxing. She'll feel like a million bucks and will forever be grateful with a nice spa package.
  • A Colorful Shopping Tote: There's something about a woman and her shopping tote. You could prime the tote by slipping some fancy goodies inside. Things like her favorite perfume, fuzzy slippers or a silk housecoat.
  • Tickets To Her Favorite Restaurant: This would show your love for super mom and fill her belly at the same time. Mom's usually have their favorite place to eat, so grabbing a few prepaid tickets to her favorite eatery will surely show her you care.

Some other unique gift ideas might be a digital photo frame, a toddler's owner manual for younger moms or even a yearly subscription to a parent magazine.

Never underestimate the power of a heart-felt note. Sometimes all a supermom wants is a "Thank you. You're appreciated."

Whatever you decide is best for your super mom, I'm sure she will appreciate it. What are some of your unique gift ideas for mom? Let us know, we'd love to hear it. Happy Mother's Day.

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