As we get closer to Halloween, I remember saying to a friend of mine, "I'm sure we are going to see some COVID-19 Halloween costumes and decorations."

Sure enough. This Cleveland home, seen in the video above, has done such a good job decorating with COVID, it's making national news.

Huge skeletons seem to be throwing the germ at passer-bys. Other skeletons are holding hand sanitizer and wearing face masks.

Giant COVID germs seem to be lurking everywhere.

One skeleton is running as if to get away, but the germs are all over him. It doesn't seem like he's going to make it.

A few skeletons are on the ground, covered in germs. It's too late for them.

Of course, there has to be the skeleton running with a big bag of toilet paper rolls. Isn't that what we remember when this began? I'm so glad those days are over.

But the owners of the the home have some good Halloween spirit as they point out that we need to find the best in things and laugh at our fears.

The couple decorates their home for Halloween every year in the way some people decorate for Christmas. This year they were going to skip the holiday, just to take a break. But their neighbors came to them and begged them to do something COVID-19 themed.

It's a good thing they did. A sense of humor is what helps us get through hard times. So to the couple in Cleveland, thanks for the laugh. The nation needed it.

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