Former Laramie County Commissioner M. Lee Hasenauer says he is the common sense, ''citizen's candidate'' for the commission in 2016.

Hasenauer, a long-time Tea Party political activist was elected to the commission in 2010, but was defeated in his re-election bid by Democrat Ron Kailey in 2014.

Hasenauer is one of four candidates, all Republicans, who have filed for two seats on the commission in 2016. The others include incumbents Amber Ash and Keith "Buck" Holmes as well as challenger Kevin Tighe.

Hasenauer says he is the "true conservative" in the race as well as the representative of the hard working every-day people of Laramie County.

He points to a vote against a pay-raise for the commission when he served on the board as an example of what he calls his ''common sense" approach. He says when the pay raise was approved he gave $2500 back to the public in protest.

He says the money was handed out to members of the public at a meeting, and he says the rest was given to charity. Hasenauer says in general he doesn't believe in spending money except for what is absolutely needed.

He says people who want to learn about him shouldn't listen to the media, but should instead go to his website.

But Hasenauer also has his critics, and a group opposed to his candidacy has launched a facebook page.

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