The nation's first-ever Decentralized Autonomous Organization [DAO] has been launched in Wyoming.

The Wyoming Legislature earlier this year approved a bill legalizing the organizations in Wyoming. You can read that legislation here. The new law took effect at midnight on July 1.

Now American Crypto Fed has been filed with the Wyoming Secretary Of State's Office. The organization's CEO is former Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr, although that position will eventually disappear.

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In a news release, Orr is quoted as saying

"Wyoming is the leading digital assets jurisdiction in the USA, and now with this DAO law, Wyoming is arguably the top blockchain jurisdiction in the world. What this means is that creating a true digital currency with mass acceptance is now possible." 

The release also says that Orr's role as CEO will eventually vanish, ''as all governance token holders will be voting on governance matters without the influence of an executive team," Orr said.  

Orr will be appearing on the ''Weekend in Wyoming" program on Saturday morning at 11:05 a.m. to discuss American Crypto Fed.

The company's website says American Crypto Fed will soon be launching a pair of currencies, the Ducat and the Locke.

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