Many of you have figured out "this is how you sonic", and thanks to you, your love for the burgers are putting them way over the top of other fast food chains.
The burger joint Sonic - 'America's Drive-In' has been raking in the dough and investors are very excited about that. There are a lot of cool things about the burger chain.

The prices are reasonable to and you get some very good burgers, fries and shakes just like the 'good ole' days.' Another thing that has baffled folks is that they have stuck to the same menu. They have not stepped out and offered 'organic' or veggie burgers as other burger joints have done. Sonic burgers seems to have found their customer base and the 10% surge in stock is a very good reflection of that. It's good to still be able to frequent a good, old fashioned and affordable burger chain in Cheyenne.