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The “Food: Perceptions, Practices and Policies” is Oct. 8-10 at the Wyoming Union on the University of Wyoming campus.

Dee Pridgen, one of the organizers.a presenter and the Carl M. Williams Professor in the UW College of Law, said there are three tracks: “Local Food,” “Legal and Ethical Food Policy Issues,” and “Global/National Food Markets. ”

National efforts to combat childhood and adult obesity, and an awareness of excessive food waste that has spurred food recovery programs are part of the program.

USDA school nutrition guidelines that try to get children to eat more nutritious foods are another recent controversy. Audrey Rowe, administrator of the USDA Food and Nutrition Service, will participate with local representatives to discuss the issues.

Efforts to reduce food waste have led to food recovery programs. Samantha Brant of Cowboy Food for the Community of Laramie is working with associate professor Christine Porter in the Department of Kinesiology and Health to find a way to have the UW Dining and Catering to participate in food recovery.  Both Brant and Porter are scheduled to speak at the conference.

The conference will also include a viewing of “A Place at the Table” is meant to prompt discussion. Pridgen said the movie shows how families are coping with hunger across the U.S. The movie features a U.S. congressman who found trying to live on food stamps challenging. The movie also shows how the nation’s food programs are barely meeting the need.