There have been several stupid tourist incidents over the years at Yellowstone National Park., which is widely believed to be how the term "touron" was coined. What's really frightening is trying to wrap your head around how many of these incidents that don't get captured on video.

There certainly have been a fair share, usually on a weekly basis, that do wind up being recorded by other tourists. Such is the case with a video flashback that was recently shared by the official NBC Montana Facebook page (on September 14th, 2021).

The footage shows quite a few brave (and/or dumb) tourists watching two bull elk battling it out. At one point, one of the massive animals rushes the crowd of onlookers. This still didn't appear to deter the tourons... until one unlucky gentlemen catches a headbutt from the elk.

After the attack, you can hear the videographer giggle at the man's misfortune. Considering it appeared to be a mere warning nudge from the animal (and no serious injuries were reported), it was slightly humorous. However this entire incident could have gone horribly wrong at any moment.

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Along with the 44-second video, NBC Montana shared a caption that read:

ELK VIDEO: Throwback Tuesday to 3 years ago of an elk that knocked a man to the ground in Yellowstone. Two bull elk were fighting in Yellowstone National Park when one of them charged visitors and knocked a man to the ground on in Mammoth Hot Springs. Thanks to Boyce Schall from Arlee for sending us this video.

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