Venture capitalist Ted Dintersmith visited with Wyoming education and business leaders in Cheyenne Monday.

Dintersmith served as executive producer for the renowned education documentary "Most Likely to Succeed" and co-authored the acclaimed book of the same name. Both explore ways to equip students for the 21st century economy.

"As part of this initiative, I'm visiting every state in the country and getting a real sense of which states are innovative and looking forward and which states seems to be stuck in the past," said Dintersmith.

Dintersmith says the U.S. education system is antiquated and he's encouraging communities to rethink how kids are educated.

"The main concern I've got is that schools in most places are largely the way they were for the last century and that it's not serving kids well," said Dintersmith. "When kids are learning by doing instead of learning by memorizing they're far more engaged, they're learning things they care about, they retain it and they have a reason to come to school and when they leave school they're going to have a reason to do well in life."

"Ted's vision for education aligns with ours," said Wyoming Department of Education Superintendent Jillian Balow. "We are working to create opportunities for students to keep Wyoming strong, and at its core that means making sure our students are learning in a way that will make them employable and successful when their education is complete."

Dintersmith says Wyoming has some great initiatives and has been quite innovative in making sure students are career ready.

"This is a state that's doing great things," said Dintersmith. "The combination of the quality of life in Wyoming plus a very visionary set of leaders around education, I think you're going to make this state a place where people say, 'I've got to move there because that's where I want my kids to grow up.'"