One of the oldest scams in American history is resurfacing again, according to the Sweetwater County Sheriff's Department.

Spokesman Dick Blust says the envelope stuffing scam, which dates back to at least the Great Depression, is getting new life in the computer age. He says prospective victims are e-mailed or contacted by conventional mail and told they could earn $5.00 TO $10.00 per envelope they stuff, and can work from the comfort of their home. They are also told they could earn several thousand dollars a week.

The victim is told they can start work once they py a fee off $299 for a "one time computer processing fee", which will supposedly be returned later. However, once the fee is paid the victim never hears anything more, and the money is not returned.

Blust says the latest version of the scam involves an organization calling itself ''Mason Grace Enterprises of New York". He says the organization has received warnings from the Better Business Bureau and the Business Consumer Alliance, but apparently the scam is continuing.

Blust says people should be very wary of any offer to work at home, regardless of how they receive it.