Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Murray says there would be both advantages and problems with the state going to a primary election system for choosing candidates for president.

Murray says he's been hearing a lot of complaints from voters that the current party caucus system is unnecessarily confusing and drawn out.

There have also been complaints from some residents that the caucus system doesn't represent the will of state voters as well as a primary election would.

But Murray says a primary election would be more expensive, and coming up with a way to pay for that expense is something that needs to be addressed.

Murray says he thinks it's especially important to hear what the state's 23 county clerks think about a possible change, adding feedback from the state's residents and political parties should also be considered.

Murray, who is the state's chief election official, didn't take a final position either in favor or against the change to a primary, but said he does support a study of the issue which is being conducted by state lawmakers ahead of the 2017 legislative session.

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