Creighton University Economist Ernie Goss says the overall outlook for Wyoming's economy over the next few months is mostly positive.

Goss says his survey of bank executives in the state shows most expect continued growth and low unemployment rates. He says the construction and manufacturing sectors of the state economy are doing very well right now, and says he expects that to continue over the next few months.

But Goss says the outlook for the single most important sector of Wyoming's economy--the energy industry-- is somewhat mixed. He notes natural gas prices have been improving, and says the polar vortex which has sent much of the country into a deep freeze recently is likely  to push  energy prices even higher over the near term.

But he adds he thinks energy prices overall, and especially oil prices, are likely to "come down a bit" over the course of the year. Goss says he thinks a stronger dollar and increasing oil production will be key factors in the drop in prices later in the year.