A recent online poll conducted on the Townsquare Media of Cheyenne and Laramie websites found pot laws, crossover voting and diversifying the economy as the top issues respondents wanted the Wyoming Legislature to focus on in the 2019 general session.

A total of 278 people took the survey, which ran from Thursday through this [Tuesday] morning. Those answering the survey were asked to choose from among 17 different issues they would like lawmakers to devote attention to.

The top response was "loosening up Wyoming pot laws, including medical marijuana" which was cited by 18 percent of those taking the survey. By contrast, only 1 percent of those responding said they wanted state lawmakers to clamp down on marijuana in the state.

Stopping crossover voting finished a close second among issues lawmakers should focus on, cited by 17 percent of those taking the poll. Diversifying the economy was cited as the top concern by 15 percent of those responding, the only other issue receiving a double-digit response as a top issue in the poll.

A total of 14 other responses, ranging from abolishing the death penalty to "something else" other than the issues included in the survey finished far behind

An online poll is open to all who choose to respond to it and is not demographically weighted to match voter or population profiles.

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