Cheyenne City Councilman Richard Johnson and a group of other Cheyenne residents have launched a drive to restore a historic fire bell to honor fallen firefighters.

The Clark Hose Fire Bell is believed to have been cast in 1892 and was originally used to sound the alarm for fires in south Cheyenne. The bell was located at the JT Clark Company, which was founded in 1878 and was located on the south side of the UP tracks. Most of the firefighters were Union Pacific employees.

The fire station lasted until 1935 when the railroad liquidated unused property and decided to expand freight lines.

The bell was moved to Lincoln Park, at the time the nearest city-owned property to the old firehouse. Johnson says the original bricks over the garage for the Clark Hose were preserved and placed at station 2 in 1972.

The bell is currently located at the old Johnson Jr. High swimming pool.

Johnson says efforts are underway to have an artist in Loveland, Co. estimate the cost of refurbishing the bell with the bricks. A widow of a retired firefighter has already donated $1000 in honor of her husband.

Johnson says the historical marker is expected to cost about $4500. He says donation checks can be mailed to 2101 O'Neil Ave.

He says drive supporters would like to have the bell relocated by Sept. 11 so that a ceremony can be held on that day to honor first responders.

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