Winter weather is hard on all of us, but the bitter cold spells extra hardship for our four-legged family members.

Although they are equipped with fur coats, pets can still suffer from deadly frostbite and exposure, and they can become dehydrated when water sources freeze.

"When it's below freezing you're going to want to make sure your animals are just going in and out, not staying out for long periods of time," said Niki Rose with the Cheyenne Animal Shelter.

"If you're going to take your dogs on walks or anything like that, just make sure that you're preparing for the weather and keeping them in consideration as well," Rose added.

Rose also encourages pet owners to clean their animal's paws off with a wet washcloth after going outside, as salt and other chemicals can hurt their feet and make them sick if they ingest them.

"If you have neighbors or friends who are leaving their pets outside and you do have concern, you can always call Animal Control," said Rose. "They can be reached by calling our main phone number at (307) 632-6655."

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