Don Wills, independent candidate for governor in Wyoming formally kicked off his campaign Tuesday. Wills says he is running for governor because he believs "that state government has grown far larger than is necessary to meet the needs of the people of the state." Wills added that Governor Matt Mead has been instrumental in that growth over the last four years.

Wills is a Pine Bluffs resident who works as a software engineer and small business owner. He is also the former chairman of the Wyoming Country Party, a conservative third-party that emerged in 2012 but now is inactive.

Wills said he is running as an independent because top-ranking Republicans in the state, including Mead, are part of a "good old boy network" that has supported wasteful and unnecessary projects.

Wills said he would use the office of governor to reduce the federal government's influence over Wyoming. This includes opposing the Common Core State Standards and the optional Medicaid expansion.

Wills will face Mead, Democrat Pete Gosar and Libertarian Dee Cozzens in the Nov. 4 election.


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