The Department of Veterans Affairs Tuesday proposed a series of disciplinary actions against six employees at department facilities in Cheyanne and Fort Collins.

Acting Secretary Sloan D. Gibson said “employees who have been found to have manipulated data, withheld accurate information from their supervisors, and affected the timeliness of care veterans receive do not reflect the VA's values, and their actions will not be tolerated.”

As a result of these findings, VA proposed disciplinary actions against the Director of the Rocky Mountain Network (VISN 19) and the Director and Chief of Staff of the Cheyenne VA Medical Center (VAMC).
According to a news release, certain supervisors in these facilities were found to have personally manipulated data, instructed their subordinates to manipulate data, and withheld accurate information from their superiors.

The VA Tuesday proposed two of the supervisors be removed from federal service. Additional proposed penalties for other supervisors include two proposed suspensions, a demotion, and admonishments.