It's Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady XV when the Denver Broncos try to advance to their first Super Bowl since 1999 Sunday afternoon.

Even though Brady holds a 10-4 edge so far, I'm predicting a 35-31 Denver win at home. Peyton, of course is trying to win his second super bowl ring and match younger brother Eli in that category for family bragging rights.

I personally think the Patriot's defense isn't up to the job of shutting down a Denver offense that set an all-time NFL scoring record this year. Peyton had arguably the best-ever season for a quarterback, setting records for scoring and yardage en route to another MVP year.

I  plan to watch the game at home--Bronco tickets aren't easy to get, and while there is always something to be said for the atmosphere of being there, tickets that start at $175 (probably in the "nosebleed" section) and run much higher, with $8 dollar beer are a little too much to pay for "atmosphere." The atmosphere of my house is perfectly fine for a game such as this.

My Super Bowl pick? Denver vs. Seattle.