Organizers of the Cheyenne Day of Giving say that despite less than ideal weather conditions for the event on Friday, record-setting amounts of donations were received in several categories.

Event founder Greta Morrow gave Townsquare Media the following statement:

""Despite the rainy, windy days, our 10th Annual Youth Event on May 11and 18th Annual Cheyenne Day of Giving on May 12 received robust support from generous donors and in several categories, set all-time-high records. The Day of Giving Board is responsible for organizing the events each year, but it is area donors who allow us to bring huge amounts of help to those struggling with great financial need or with illness or disability!  Thanks to all who participated!"

Here are the donation totals according to event organizers:

18th Annual Day of Giving Results

(Results as of May 12, 2023)


Businesses & community groups helping                                                    59

Congregations helping                                                                                       69

Non-perishable food and personal care items                                   25,515 pounds

Portion from the Youth Event                                                                  10,150 pounds

Craft items                                                                                                             72 boxes

Portion from the Youth Event                                                                    6 boxes

Leftover prescription medications                                                                256 pounds

Medical supplies                                                                                             1,579 pounds

Blood product donated at Day of Giving                                                      17

Durable medical equipment                                                                            139 pieces

Used eyeglasses                                                                                           954 pairs

Used hearing aids                                                                                           63                Used cell phones                                                                                             79

Hearing aid batteries                                                                                     49 dozen

Housewares for Fresh Start Program                                                          70 boxes

Furniture for Fresh Start Program                                                               15 pieces

Donations from individuals                                                                $14,067

In-kind donations                                                                                       Invaluable!



We are grateful for the generous support from businesses, individuals, and community      groups!  Together, we helped thousands of our neighbors in great need!

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