It's always good to end the day and start a new one on a very positive note, and we are pleased to tell you that we have been able to achieve that. Late Thursday afternoon, we received a phone call that the "Dave Chaffin Benefit Fundraiser" scheduled for Texas Roadhouse next Thursday, December 6 from 11AM til 2PM is going forward after all.

We had reported to you that it was being cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, however, once again, God's will will be done. All the details have been ironed out and the fundraiser is now set to move forward as scheduled. We hope that you will be able to attend and enjoy a great lunch from Texas Roadhouse (pulled pork sandwiches and Ceaser Salad) A $10 donation is appreciated, and for your convenience, you can now just make your donation at the door when you come in. Our heartfelt thanks to Texas Roadhouse for sponsoring this event and to all the great folks in our community who came together to make this all happen after all.

The proceeds from the benefit go to the Dave Chaffin Cancer Benefit Fund to help my family and me through the heavy financial burdens from my initial hospitalization and cancer diagnosis and my upcoming surgery and treatments to follow. God, indeed answers prayer. So many of you have offered those prayers,and thankfully, God has answered and is providing. My prognosis is good and now the future looks much brighter thanks to all of you, our wonderful friends, prayer partners and well-wishers in this fantastic community.

Just an update, I will be off the air for about a week starting next Tuesday, as I go back in the hospital for the next surgery. Please keep listening while I am away. Rich Moore will be filling in for me, once again and we genuinely appreciate your valued listenership.

Those of you who cannot attend the fundraiser but wish to contribute, you may do so at either First Interstate Bank location, 401 West 19th Street downtown or 4612 Rue Terre off Dell Range Blvd in Cheyenne. Please make checks payable to the “Dave Chaffin Benefit Fund” , reference Account # 700086327.

Thanks again so much.


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