Cheyenne Regional Medical Center reported 45 COVID-19 patients as of Monday, November 22.

Of that total, two had been fully vaccinated, and one partially vaccinated.

But for the fourth consecutive week, none of the patients in the hospital's intensive care unit or on ventilators had been fully vaccinated.

In fact, among CRMC'S last five weekly patient reports, only one person among the most seriously ill [those in intensive care or on a ventilator] has been fully vaccinated.

May be an image of text that says 'Cheyenne Regional COVID-19 Totals 45 Total hospitalized 42 NOT VACCINATED 2 FULLY VACCINATED PRALLD 10 In the ICU (includes ICU level patients on other floors) የጥየጥጥዮጥİነት 10 NOT VACCINATED o FULLY VACCINATED 15 Bed CU On a Ventilator TጥTጥ 4 NOT VACCINATED FULLY VACCINATED 8 Deaths: 11/14/21 11/21/21 19 COVID-19 Patient Length-of-Stay 1 Week or longer 8 2 Weeks or longer 7 1 Month or longer'

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