Special Session Money

The Senate Appropriations Committee voted Thursday to recommend approval of $50,000 to fund a possible special session to deal with the fallout from the Wyoming Supreme Court's decision in the Cindy Hill case. The bill still needs approval in both the House and Senate.

Budget Bill Amendments

After a marathon day Wednesday working 2nd reading budget amendments, both chambers spent Thursday working on other bills. Representative Steve Harshman (HD-37) co-chairman of the Joint Appropriations Committee on the house side, said the house really didn't add that much to the budget. His counterpart co-chairman Senator Eli Bebout (SD-26) said the Senate did add some money, which he was not pleased about, but added, "That's the process."  Third reading on the budget will be on Friday.

Burglary Bill Dies

The Senate killed a bill that would have changed the state's Burglary statute to add a crime of misdemeanor Burglary. The bill's sponsor, Senator Cale Case (SD-25 ), said he is not sure if everyone understood what he was trying to do.

Epinephrine Pen Bill Passes

The House passed a bill on third reading that would allow schools to store and administer epinephrine in life threatening situations. House Bill 173 now heads to the Senate.