We have just passed another day that we are all familiar with. The day has been known for years as “April Fools Day”. This is the day that we, as a people, have set aside to acknowledge “The Fool”.
What constitutes a fool?


A fool has been defined by Mr. Webster as, “A person lacking in judgment or prudence; a dupe; a harmlessly deranged person or one lacking in common powers of understanding.”
This definition of a fool is quite befitting in the sense that the Bible tells us in Psalms 14 (1), “The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God.”
God, just by looking at it, consists of one name, or word, which would take you an eternity to exhaust its meaning and understanding. “God Is” – two short words with an unfathomable significance! Should you be able to wrap your hands around this truth, it will mold your entire life! Maybe that is the problem with people, they choose to willingly ignore the existence of God, rather than embrace the truth of His existence. The acknowledgment of the existence of God will determine your science, your philosophy, your daily life and your eternity!
There is abundant proof about the existence of God so massive, that one cannot sit down in a single day, year or life time to figure out.
Nature itself proves the very existence of God. All throughout Nature you find massive marks of creative intelligence, symmetry, order and law. You can study nature in a minute or you can study nature in your lifetime, it doesn’t make any difference. No matter where you turn, you will find intelligent design and proof of an Intelligent Creator of the material universe in which we live.
The fool doesn’t see it this way, because they have willingly chosen to put God out of their mind and out of their heart and that to their own eternal destruction.


R.A. Torrey illustrates it this way. Let’s take your wrist watch, to help make a point here. Do you believe the watch had a maker? You would probably answer “yes”. I then would ask you ‘why’? Did you see the watch made? Have you ever seen a watch made? Then why do you believe that it had a maker? I will give you the answer. You believe the watch had a maker because everything about that watch points to or indicates an intelligent maker – hands, case, winding apparatus, face, etc. Right?
Now what if I said to you, about the watch, “No, you are mistaken; the watch did not have an intelligent maker; the watch came in to being by a freak accident; by lucky concurrence of atoms dancing around through endless ages resulting in happenstance”? You would replay to me something like this: “That man may think he is highly educated, but he talks like a fool!” You would be correct in your evaluation of that fact because I would be a fool to think that about the watch.

However, one very small part of Nature, the eye, is far more intricate and wonderful structure than your watch. But if some man would stand up and say that this wonderful universe, in which we live, came into being by some freak accident, lucky concurrence of atoms and happenstance, men would call him a “philosopher”. But God sees him as a “foolosopher”.

So without even getting “religious” with those fools of which we “celebrate”, science itself shoots down the very existence of evolution as there is not a single proof of the hypothesis of evolution. So should you wish to think that the universe was developed by some primordial protoplasm, who gave it that power? God did. If you wish not to believe that, I plead with you to not to be guilty of judging all creation based on the primordial protoplasm that influenced your thinking. If so, then congratulations! April 1st was your day! I hope you had fun celebrating it!




G.L.Freeman pastors at New Testament Christian Church – 3800 E. Pershing Blvd in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Freeman is also the host of KGAB’s “Across America” with Gary Freeman aired Saturdays from 1-3pm Mountain Standard Time. Email him at:  acrossamericanow@gmail.com

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