Starting on January 1, 2023, single-use plastic bags will be banned in the Centennial State (although, if you really want one, you can pay a bag fee until 2024).

Still, some Colorado cities are choosing to get ahead of the bag ban.

According to 9News, the Town of Frisco has passed an ordinance that prevents restaurants and retailers from distributing single-use plastic bags after Wednesday (Sept. 1). The ban also applies to paper bags; however, customers can purchase paper bags for 25 cents — if that paper bag is made with at least 40% postconsumer recycled material.

"The Town is concerned about the impact that single-use, plastic bags have on the surrounding rivers, lakes, forests, and wildlife," reads the ordinance. "Paper bags made with no recycled materials have a similar detrimental impact on the environment in which they are produced."

Frisco isn't alone in its decision. The station reports that the Town of Dillon implemented its own plastic bag ban at the beginning of this month.

Northern Colorado will soon follow the high country's lead.

Fort Collins residents voted in favor of a plastic bag ban during the City's April election. Starting on May 1, 2022, retail grocers can no longer distribute single-use plastic bags. Paper bags will stick around...for a 12 cent bag fee. Residents will have access to free reusable bags.

While individual municipalities are making their own decisions regarding plastic bags, Colorado's general ruling will have exceptions for small business owners and people in food assistance programs.

Regardless of where you live, perhaps it's time to practice bringing your own bags to the store.

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