A report of a possible drunk driver on Interstate 80 in Sweetwater County led to the arrest of a Colorado man on drug charges Thursday afternoon, according to a spokesman for the Sweetwater County Sheriff's Department.

Dick Blust says authorities got a REDDI (Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately) report at 3:40 p.m. Thursday about a Dodge Charger that was allegedly speeding and passing vehicles on the right shoulder of the highway on I-80 west of Rock Springs.

A Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper, as well as a captain and a deputy with the sheriff's department, went out to investigate and soon spotted the vehicle doing 85 miles per hour in a 75 MPH zone, according to Blust.

They stopped the vehicle, and Trooper Joseph Minick said he smelled marijuana.

That led to a search of the car that turned up some marijuana and a felony amount of cocaine, according to Blust, who did not disclose the exact amount of the drugs found.

The driver of the vehicle, 33-year-old Andre Tremel Ray of Loveland Colorado, was arrested and taken to the Sweetwater County jail, where at last report he was waiting for his first court appearance in Sweetwater County Circuit Court.

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