A 69-year-old man in Nederland, Colorado got quite the surprise Thursday morning when he was out working on his property in the thick willow brush. Denver News 7 is reporting a moose attacked the man, forcing him to Boulder Community Hospital for treatment.


Colorado Parks and Wildlife found the moose in the same area as the attack. However, they aren't taking action because witnesses said they've seen her in that area with a calf. Kristin Cannon, a wildlife manager said:

“…Not only moose, but elk and deer are also having babies right now, and does and cows can be aggressive when their fawns and calves are newborn and very vulnerable to predation. They may be aggressive towards people, but especially people with dogs, and especially if those dogs are off leash.”

CPW says in order to avoid dangerous encounters with wild animals, stay away from thick willow habitat and wear a bell or another noise making device to let them know you're in the area.

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