Laramie County Commissioners have invited members of the Cheyenne City Council to a meeting on securing air service for Cheyenne Regional Airport.

Great Lakes Airlines announced recently that they were suspending all commercial flight operations, leaving Cheyenne without an air carrier.

Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr recently said the airport has until June 24 to get a letter of intent from an air carrier to serve Cheyenne or risk the Transporation Safety Administration de-federalizing security at the airport. If that happens, it could take six months or longer to re-establish the security checkpoint, pushing back the resumption of air service until at least early 2019.

The mayor also recently mentioned Allegiant Air and SkyWest Airlines as possible replacement carriers for Cheyenne.

The meeting between commissioners and council members is slated for Friday, April 13 at the County Commision office at 310 W. 19th Street, Suite 310 in Cheyenne.

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