The Cheyenne City Council on Monday night acknowledged receipt of the Reed Avenue Rail Corridor Master Plan.

​The goal of the plan, which is being managed by the Cheyenne Metropolitan Planning Organization, is to look at opportunities to revitalize Reed Avenue as a vibrant, multi-use corridor that spurs investment and redevelopment within the city's West Edge District.​

"I know you've heard from a lot of people who are on the ground putting their money where their mouth is to support this effort," said state Sen. Affie Ellis, R-Cheyenne.

"I just encourage you to pay close attention to that and believe in their vision because I think it'll be a really positive thing, not only for Cheyenne, but for Wyoming and Wyoming's economy," Ellis added.

Troy Russ with Kimley-Horn and Associates in Denver, the consultant for the project, says the current design is "less than 30 percent" complete, so it will be awhile before construction gets underway.

"It's going to take some time to work out an easement agreement with the railroad, but Burlington Northern is very much aware of this project and they know that our intention is to fine tune the easement of the corridor, which is city right-of-way," said MPO Director Tom Mason.

"Just as soon as the administration gives direction to move forward on design, we'll get that process started," Mason added.

"This one is not going to go on the shelf because the voters of Laramie County adopted this plan last May," said Councilman Pete Laybourn. "The funding is available, the expectation is there and we have an excellent beginning of the plan."

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