Republican Candidate for governor and Central Cafe owner, Sam Galeotos goes in front of the Cheyenne City Council next Monday, August 6th. It is to determine whether or not the Cafe will be approved for a liquor license that Galeotos applied for last month.

With the expanding hours at Central Cafe, the liquor license justifies staying open a little later, Katy Rinne, tells council members.  Katy helps to manage the business.

There is some concern as to what the license will do for the business from a drinking standpoint.  Katy assured the council that this will not turn into a bar.

As reported by the Wyoming Tribune Eagle, Miss Rinne said, " I think our service would probably start later in the day.  We would like it to still be a great breakfast spot and then lunch for all ages."  Katy also said, "If you want to take a later business lunch and have a glass of wine, we would welcome that opportunity, but I don't see it being a place where people are hanging out too much heavily."

The Finance Committee will be meeting next Monday morning at 11 am to discuss the license further.


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