To better keep citizens informed, measure satisfaction, and boost morale, the Cheyenne Police Department has launched a new texting service called PowerEngage.

Much like private companies send automatic text message notifications and satisfaction surveys to their customers, Chief Mark Francisco says his department can now do the same.

"This is an additional effort to promote transparency and good communication in policing and to provide excellent service to our community," Francisco said in a news release Thursday.

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Police say when a call is placed to dispatch, real-time notifications will be sent out, such as confirmation of receipt, the case number, safety instructions, and if there are any delays in officer response.

Police also hope to gather feedback through the service.

"It’s important for us to hear about how we are doing," said Francisco. "This tool allows us to gather feedback to continuously improve our practices and better serve the needs of our community."

"As a bonus, positive comments will be shared to encourage employees and boost morale," he added.

As a safeguard, police say text notifications and surveys will only be sent to non-emergent, non-injury type calls. Citizens can also reply STOP to opt out of all future surveys.

Police say it's also important to note that PowerEngage shouldn't be used to report emergencies or criminal activity, citizens should call or text 911 to do so.

Examples of PowerEngage text notifications and surveys are below:

Text Example 1

This is the Cheyenne Police Department. An officer will be dispatched as soon as possible. Please wait in a safe location and only move vehicles if there are no injuries/complaints of pain to vehicle occupants. Reference incident number [incident #]

Text Example 2

Cheyenne Police Department dispatch received a call from your number and is sending your GPS location to responders. If you need help, call or text 9-1-1 now. If you DO NOT need help, let us know by calling (307) 637-6525. Reference incident number [incident #]

Survey Example

Cheyenne Police Department
Cheyenne Police Department

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